What a Godly Privilege to Be Born a Man_Tabitha Biel Luak African Canadian literature - femenist books

Believe in Yourself

What a Godly Privilege to Be Born a Man_Tabitha Biel Luak African Canadian literature - femenist booksBelieve in you because nobody will but you. That is kind of odd statement, isn’t? Because for the most part, some of us have people who believe in them even if they  not believe in themselves. But, the point here is, thought we may have individuals whose beliefs about ourselves are much stronger than those of our  own, our ‘believing in us’ is the only driving force for  the beliefs others have about us.  Believe you in all that you want and need. This is utterly important especially for women. Not that  I could claimed that this world used to be any less dangerous some century

back, but if it ever were, it definitely had lost that harmlessness toward women. Have you been outside lately? No, you said? Yes you said? Thank you for being around. What I almost went about telling you, was, in every house corner to you, there is a woman crying. No. I don’t know why. I just noticed that a lot these days. And the interesting thing about these  cries  is that they  all have the same beginnings.  They are all ‘felt rejected’ related beginnings. Women, no matter where, are dealing with the feeling of inadequacy that they lose their being as mothers, sisters, aunties or an  other classified  relations they have with their worlds.  But  world is becoming uninterestingly interesting. The norms that used to guard us are let go and ‘people’ are just  becoming ‘lover of themselves’-which is very ironic to be included in this post-yet more relevant  since love is to be the other way. Love others and others will love you in return, that was how we were taught.  We do not have that anymore. This is why the most beautiful person in the world-woman,  is hurting. But the shift in the way of things is here to stay. That men  are indeed into themselves than into her. Another odd statement. But all that it means is,  our men for some reasons, have  had become players.  Perhaps they are  fully aware that  the lost on their ends  would be  less damaging  than that on women’s ends. Or how would we really put it? That there are many choices for men than there are for women?  That may be another way to put for sure. Or this one.  There are just so many women, that it would really  sound stupid to just settle for one? Whatever the case maybe, we cannot do anything about that; however, here maybe an area we can control. Ourselves. We really can. It takes time to get it sinks in, but it usually signifies a beginning of one’s freedom once it does.  Women, believe yourself that it becomes impossible to be destructed from what you are really asking for. And to anyone who may not be feeling the waves of this ‘discomfort’  tell the woman in your life to believe in herself. If tears are wasted these days as result of relational rejections, than it is worth mention that there is a way to discontinue the repetitions of what really causing the hurt.  If we need progresses in our life, we must believe in ourselves. Like my favorite speaker says  “The understanding of self worth is the beginning of progress”,  Jim Rohn. Believe me, you need to believe in you.