Author photo_Tabitha Biel Luak_What a Godly Privilege to Be Born a Man

Color in Layers

Without a trace of doubt, inside looks nothing but us

Early this morning, all have been painted in, each in his favorite color?
Except nothing could be changed about the inside
Human, the prove of Creator’s genius, has painted, tattooed
and unwantedly altered himself all to fit his attitude toward himself.

Better he appeared, thirsted they all drank
Many he had, hungered they all ate
Less he worked, tired they all slept
Safe he lived, suffered they all died

Like last Spring, the nests were over filled with the birth of rain
Like last Summer, hope was installed in the human’s heart
But like last Fall, the farmers raked the fewest dry leaves
And like last winter, all had suffered under the laughter of the same rain

Listen, Someone whispers, know this, He also says

Sister and brother is the same name
Man and woman is the same person
darker and lighter is the same shade
you and them is the same human

No, no! Because it all depends on who is here now,
Who sees now!
Who believes now!
Who understands now!

Have you not noticed?

All have been given names
The tree, the tallest,
the building, the biggest and
he looked, the smartest!

Have you not noticed?

Listen, He comes back
Here, and call it knowing
ERASE what was written
WRITE what you want
Remember the nature that depopulated the forest
Forgive the past but remember ease is ONE enemy
And remember, all came from the same, the same is where all is going

Whoosh, like a sound of a strong wind
At last, the storm calms. The rain subdues
And he realizes, human is but color in layers

~ Tabitha Biel Luak