Our Society is no longer the Problem

It will be a time saver to begin this convservation right now than to wait to start later because we will start whether we like it or not.  We live in a society that sees women as properties and are for selling to whoever is willing to buy them. Since this is the line under which  conclusions are drawn as far as where she goes, then it is no longer the fault of the buyers but  of the sellers. Though it is under the same belief that if all she is worth is nothing except to be taken for the purpose of childbirth, it makes sense that parents would not mind who she ends up with since that is all to her existence. But isn’t that a shame when parents give away their daughter to whoever because of the worth which has been assigned to her?  But what about the payback right now? Oh, you haven’t heard of them? 

For those parents who have not yet given away their daughters, here is a  thing to consider.

All men are not equally the same  to have the blessing of having your daughter if you are a good man yourself for instance.  So be mindful of them because many of them have been raised with no dignity, or  respect to live with your daughter. If not many, some men are in psychological crisis and are in need of help, than to become husbands and be placed  in charge of lives that deserve better. Know that people who are not mentally  fit do not have the capability to reason beyond their struggle. And a wife cannot medicate that. But since mental struggles are often buried behind the amount he is willing to pay, the fact that  he needs to be ok first gets thrown over the curve, which then risks the lives of those arounnd him. But know this. An unattended mental issue usually leaks out and this time in ways that are unmanageable. Life is as short as today but it is also as long as tomorrow. And neither your requested number of cows nor your undeniable acceptance of whoever makes its reality go  away. So, prioritize your daughter.  If something is off, don’t ignore it. You have just seen one part of the many! 

It does take a community to have a successful growth of any kind. I started this journey alone and now, it is ours. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Your coming on Saturday meant so much to me and to this conversation that  needed to begin. 

Thank you very much my community!