Change really is a personal thing. And the more we see things as they are, there is a chance that change can become a normal part of our daily thinking. To have one of your own yet to see others, that is a change itself. To stand up for what we  believe yet believe at the same time others also have beliefs of their own, that is also the change we are looking for.  To weigh out  and debate about how to go about life, that is also the change. To criticize and stand with people when they have a point, that is the change. Change comes in different  ways and ours will just look like everyone else.  

To put an end to child marriage, forced marriage, dowery and so on, we must come to realize,  though individuals benefit from the suffering inflicted on these people’s lives, we need all of us. together against these practices.  However we define coming together, we must come to see it that, the end to all of these is to love and to save the future.

To those who continuously stand with me, I take that to mean, you are willing to see what others, people like myself, come to  believe  and are willing to weigh out and debate our way forward. Thank you for your unending support! let  us come together to see things through with all our different views yet similarly working for the greatest good of our people, traditions and beliefs. 


Tabitha Biel Luak