I’m Forever Changed

Do your part because the only part left is yours’. But as simple as that may sound, this is one of the ‘hard to understand’ parts of shared responsibility that often gets pushed aside for some other day’s time. But who are the ones to make the changes? Who are the ones to speak up when people are misjudged and taken for other things? Who are the ones to see the oneness in all and refuse the inevitable consequences? Who are the ones to believe in the proven evidence of sameness that all have been given the similar will of doing the right things by each other? You do. I do. It’s our shared responsibility to see the hidden truth, unearth the hidden truth  and bring the hidden truth to light so that it may serve us all.  

This Journey began with me writing about what  is happening. I’m so thankful I’m joined by capable individuals who, along the way, have seen what I saw and thought to themselves, the wrongs can be put to unend. 

I’m here to let you know, I’m forever changed by your act of courage and bravery. I said that because, when it comes to the things that do not equally affect us socially, it becomes a choice to stand in solidarity  with others who may have been bullied by cultural beliefs and traditional norms. When you refuse to turn a blind eye on things and go the other way, you empower the misjudged, the tergared, and the dehumanized. 

Reading this novel to some people will be a new exploration but to many others, it will be a reconfirmation  of the very things many growing knowing.  Take the chance to be the change that will champion our next generation’s directions. This is the beginning and many more are needed to make this step.  Beginning with reading this novel, let’s free our girls. Let us change our system for girls to go to school instead. Let us change the concept of marriage.