Thank You for the Fire

If it was not for the bravery of yesterday, 

today would have chosen to sleep in fear

There was you.

And your spirit.

And your knowledge. 

And your wisdom. 

And your experience.

You backeted it all up for us and to our dismay, 

you topped with love.

Your presence was a breath of comfort in far distances,

on the darkest corners of our country, 

in the lives of unknown persons. 

Your work inspired million of muted souls to a place of hope and  now they can move.

Your forwardness stood and challenged the very coward of our being and now we can move.

We wish we have seen this coming, 

because we would have wanted you to see our faces because we have seen yours.

Now that you are gone, we are here and for the last time, 

Thank You for the Fire


Today is forever changed

Until then, rest!

~Tabitha Biel Luak