Walking with Omaha


How we will walk in life will  be different because what caused walkings differ in nature, in degree, in size and in period to which it happened. I found that people who do what they say they will  are the people who speak  less about what they say they would. What caused you to walk? How important was it to walk? What did you think would be part of the solution prior to the walking? Who did you think would be the first to walk with? And  when did you think he or she would begin to walk with? When you know the answers to these concerning matters, it is as easy as breaking a vessel  or as hard as putting back together a broken vessel. Nonetheless, where you are heading is determined by none other than yourself. Call for help and see if there is anyone joining. When one joins, know that now the mission is much harder than expected. Just as important  being heard is, listening to those who are willing to support you in your walking is important if not very. 


This was my recent experience as I tripped  away from the city to Omaha, Nebraska. There was so much love and openness. There was honesty and need for realization-something which has always been hidden away. But as I was listened to, I also learned from the people. Thank you for the gift of support. Thank you for listening to me. Thank you for standing with me!