Be open and have the willingness to talk about, if not the things that bother you, at least the things that bother others except with their blessings that you be part of it. That is when we are a community.  A place where we expect the best of us. A place that need our best intention and openness. The community. 

 You could think of a community as a group of people. But you could also think of it being the works of the individuals in a group that aim to bring change to what does not serve them anymore. It would be incorrect to label our culture as a bad culture because the truth is, it is not. But if we have looked at it as flawless, that itself is an indication we will struggle our way out one day and our way into something worth retaining after only the suffering is served. The truth is everything which is believed to be ‘good’ has an expiration. It has a timeline and that its values and worth are only correlated with and within the time they are  believed. The belief that women are not worthy of being humans was and is ethically accepted except, having people still dwelling on that belief seems to be an ongoing thing. There was no such thing as women being less human than men. This was only a belief and that has destroyed the connection and the bond that is supposed to be between man and woman.  Going forward , we must denounce such beliefs. We must then change our actions. 

It is easy to see things one way. Sometimes having a fixed way of seeing things takes away the focus and without a doubt, delays the process. But wouldn’t  that be the most loathsome  place to ever be? To ever want to progress yet to never have the nerve to face the reality that surrounds that truth? Would people not try their level best to work the problem out? Wouldn’t an individual gather some courage to stand for what is true despite the odds? 

 That was what last Saturday was all about. To be open and speak honestly about what the damaging practices are in our culture. To speak about our own experiences and things we personally went through to help to pre-warn us of the future’s struggles, so they do not suffer as we were and still are. To shine light on areas traditionally believed to be individuals‘ responsibilies but / and how those play roles in the disagreements we have now that we are not in our original settings.  

The following list has some of the items that certainly need to be changed.

#Stop child marriage

#Stop force marriage

#Stop normalizing rape

#Stop exchanging us with cows

#Stop charging our young men more cows than needed.

#Stop practice of dowry. There is no real value to it.

#Stop thinking we are nothing when we the only way to the world.


And know this,

when we talk and when we are open, the benefits are those which free the future.