Author: tabithab

Tabitha Biel Luak is a South Sudanese Canadian author. Tabitha was born and raised in South Sudan, Africa. She relocated to Edmonton, Canada in 2011. She is a mother of two beautiful girls. Tabitha is a women's rights adocate and a devoted youth leader. She believes the roots of a tree define the stillness and the strength of the tree and therefore, there is no future without the influence of the past, culture or the individualized traditions. Tabitha is also a singer who writes songs about social issues.

They take their daughters back home for arrange marriages

They take their daughters back home for arrange marriages   An easy out will be uneasy to find. But a way will be found. It will be you and me coming to term with what we know, how we know it and what we perceived it to be its primary purpose. When that day comes,..

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Walking with Omaha

Walking with Omaha   How we will walk in life will  be different because what caused walkings differ in nature, in degree, in size and in period to which it happened. I found that people who do what they say they will  are the people who speak  less about what they say they would. What..

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Thank You for the Fire

Thank You for the Fire If it was not for the bravery of yesterday,  today would have chosen to sleep in fear There was you. And your spirit. And your knowledge.  And your wisdom.  And your experience. You backeted it all up for us and to our dismay,  you topped with love. Your presence was..

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Change is Personal

Change really is a personal thing. And the more we see things as they are, there is a chance that change can become a normal part of our daily thinking. To have one of your own yet to see others, that is a change itself. To stand up for what we  believe yet believe at..

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