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I’ve partnered with talented historical fiction authors to give away free copies of our books for the month of May! To receive a free copy of What a Godly Privilege to Be Born a Man as well as fiction books by other authors, just follow this link for your free book download https://books.bookfunnel.com/freehistoricalfiction/fld2sm98mw Don’t miss your chance! This..

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What a Godly Privilege to Be Born a Man

What a Godly Privilege to Be Born a Man_Tabitha Biel Luak African Canadian literature - femenist books

Chosen from among the mob of her boyfriend’s girlfriends, married in the most secure, respectful, and honourable way known to the people, Nyayang Jock, a girl born without a brother, won the race, defeating her top co-girlfriend, Sarah, by being the youngest over Sarah born with brothers. At the least, unlike ninety-nine percent of the..

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